I chronically eavesdrop on strangers’ conversations. My favorite books are set on uninhabited islands. I’m terrified of butterflies. I stay in movie theaters until the final credit. I’m not afraid to hit delete. I’ve visited 32 countries on five continents. I want to start a fake flower company called Fauxliage. I like to watch women watch themselves in bathroom mirrors.  I’m happiest solving problems with no correct solution. I’ve broken my nose and dislocated my shoulder white water kayaking. I've never had a mosquito bite. I’m most creative when I’m out of my element. I love bad puns, Pentel BK90 stick ballpoint pens, science fiction, ice cream, and serial commas. I hate self-indulgence, wind chill, floral prints, right-or-wrong questions, and the last page.

After years working as a journalist, fiction writer, brand consultant, and unintentional hermit, I joined W+K 12—an experiment disguised as a school disguised as an agency in Wieden+Kennedy's Portland headquarters—in January, 2012. As part of a team of 13, I've worked as a copywriter and a strategic planner on campaigns for local non-profits, small businesses, global brands, and the occasional art project.

I'm a writer by impulse, a problem solver by instinct, and a collaborator by process. I'm also available for birthday parties.                   

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